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Babe Ruth’s Last Public Statement

Recently, we discovered Babe Ruth’s last public statement, which was sent to Guideposts Magazine, which is a faith-based, inspirational magazine. The statement was made with support from friends Joe L. Brown (of the MGM Studios which produced “The Babe Ruth Story”), Paul Carey, and his lawyer, Melvyn […]

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New Poll Shows Babe Ruth Is Still A Fan Favorite

New Poll Shows Babe Ruth Is Still A Fan Favorite Recently, The Harris Poll, a long-running, well-respected surveyor of public opinion, conducted a poll regarding the “Greatest Sports Star of All-time”. The survey looked at overall athlete, as well as by each sport. This same survey was […]

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9/30 – This Day In Babe Ruth History

9/30 – This Day In Babe Ruth History On September 30th, 1927, Babe Ruth established a new record for home runs in a season with 60, against Washington Senators pitcher Tom Zachary. Ruth had set single season records prior to that of 59 (1921), 54 (1920) and […]

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A Trip to the Louisville Slugger Museum

  A Trip to the Louisville Slugger Museum   When you think of Major League Baseball and baseball history, you can’t help but think of Louisville Slugger – the main bat brand for major league players, including the Babe. Louisville Slugger got into the bat-making business back […]

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From a Fan: A tie to Babe Ruth’s 700th Home Run

During the weekend of February 7th, BRC was up in Detroit for the annual Babe Ruth birthday party at Nemo’s. While in Detroit, we also had the opportunity to visit the home of Dennis Bielski, the nephew of a man who had a great connection to the […]

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Coming Soon: Babe Ruth Birthday Party in Detroit (2/7/15)

Hey baseball and Babe Ruth fans, Babe Ruth’s birthday is coming up on February 6th. It would be his 120th. And to the mark the occasion, Tom Derry of Detroit, MI is hosting his 28th annual birthday party in Babe Ruth’s honor. Tom is one of the […]

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From a Fan: Newspaper Clippings – Babe Ruth in Hot Springs, AR

As we’re learning from reading Bill Jenkinson’s latest book, “Babe Ruth: Against All Odds, World’s Mightiest Slugger”, Hot Springs, Arkansas has a significant place in baseball and specifically, Babe Ruth, history.   We’ll get into more detail at a later time about Hot Springs’ role in baseball history, […]

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From a Fan – Revisit of the 1922 Babe Ruth barnstorming tour of Sleepy Eye, MN

From a Fan – Revisit of the 1922 Babe Ruth barnstorming tour of Sleepy Eye, MN: We first mentioned Babe’s visit to Sleepy Eye back in 2012, when the town was planning a commemoration of Babe’s visit, 90 years later ( Apparently, a follow-up news article was […]

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From a Fan: Amazing Babe Ruth Bronze Art

Occasionally we hear from artists and art enthusiasts that are interested in sharing their Babe Ruth-related artwork with BRC and its fans. Recently, we connected with bronze sculptor, Bill Hunter, who has developed an impressive piece of Babe Ruth bronze art: Bill created a limited edition of […]

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Ruth and Wilson: Using Celebrity For Good

Ruth and Wilson: Using Celebrity For Good: On Thanksgiving this year, the Seattle Seahawks beat the San Fransisco 49ers, 19-3. Russell Wilson was masterful in his play once again. As impressive as Wilson is on the field, however, I learned that he is equally amazing off the […]

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