Charles Poekel

“Babe & The Kid” provides a well-researched recount of the story of Johnny Sylvester, a young boy who was laid up with a deadly illness. The night before game four of the 1926 World Series, Ruth autographed a ball for Johnny, inscribing it, “I’ll knock a homer for you in Wednesday’s game – Babe Ruth.” Ruth delivered on his promise, and Johnny made a miraculous recovery. Charlie Poekel is a former member of the New Jersey State Historical Commission, having been twice appointed by Governor Christine Todd Whitman. He is a member of the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR). He is a practicing attorney and a member of the Bar in New York, New Jersey and DC. Get your copy of “Babe & The Kid” here.



Charlie talks about growing up as a baseball fan.

Mr. Poekel talks about how he became an author.

Mr. Poekel gives us a background on his book, which tells the story of Babe’s interaction and impact on sick, little Johnny Sylvster.

Charlie talks about the research process for his book, “Babe & The Kid.”

Mr. Poekel shares his thoughts on Babe’s ongoing impact as an icon.

Mr. Poekel expresses his thoughts on some of the media’s negative portrayals of the Babe.

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