Fan Stories

Fan Stories

One of the greatest things about American culture is people’s passion for things they love and the way that they show it. This is particularly true for American sports. The fans bring an amazing enthusiasm to the games and the players they admire.

Some of those players earn enduring love and affection, as their achievements and personality build strong bonds with people of all ages and walks of life. The Babe is definitely one of those superstars who has garnered more than his share of “ultimate fans”. Were he alive today, he probably would be like the big kid that he always was. He would love every minute of it, embracing his devoted fans like no one else ever could.

There are many fans out there today who are passionate about the Babe. BRC would like to share stories of some of them with you here.

Do you also have a story of an “Ultimate Babe Ruth Fan” to share? Tell us your stories and you may be featured here as well!

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