Julia Ruth Steven’s Personal Albums: Babe Ruth Family Photos

Images from Julia Ruth Stevens’ Personal Photo Collection

During the course of 2004 – 06, Julia Ruth Stevens, Babe’s daughter, graciously opened the pages of her personal scrapbooks to BRC. These Photos contained many photos given to the Ruth Family, by friends, acquaintances, business colleagues and even photographers themselves. Some of these images are extra shots taken by a photographer during a professional shoot, so they might look slightly similar to published photos. Other images, however, have rarely been seen by the general public.

BRC has selected more than four dozen of the photos from Mrs. Stevens’ collection for presentation here. All photos are presented with permission. (Go here for copyright info.) We welcome BRC users to enjoy this collection!

Pictures With The Family

Photos from Julia Ruth Stevens personal Photos that include Babe, Julia and Claire together; pictures of Julia’s happily married parents; as well as a newspaper clipping recognizing Babe and Claire’s recent marriage in 1929.

Babe and the Kids

Babe always enjoyed posing for pictures with kids more than other photos, because he loved being with children and it meant so much to them.

Babe the Golfer

As much as he loved baseball, Babe had other passions as well — particularly golf, which was one of the main ways Babe remained active during the off-season. According to Julia: “Daddy absolutely loved golf. If he wasn’t so good at baseball I think he would have wanted to become a professional golfer.”

Babe the Outdoorsman

Another of Babe’s passions was hunting and fishing. These activities were Babe’s opportunity to get away from the craziness of New York. And, given Babe’s excellent eyesight, he was generally a great marksman!

Babe With Other Players

Here are just some of the photos from the family collection, out of many, of Babe with other notable players of his time. Photographers were always taking photos of Babe with teammates and other players.

Babe in the Movies

Babe did a number of regular and short films out in Hollywood. This mini-album contains his Hollywood “headshot” and some stills from the 1927 movie “Babe Comes Home” with Anna Q. Nilson.

Other Babe Photos

As mentioned, Babe was photographed everywhere he went, doing all kinds of things. This mini-album contains a small assortment of photos of the Babe throughout his life off the field, striking a pose for the camera.

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