Stuff Kids Liked to Collect from Babe’s Time

Stuff Kids Liked to Collect from Babe’s Time

A lot of the radio programs that Babe was in were sponsored by companies, like food companies, oil companies and many others. There were lots of small prizes and gifts that were given away with the purchase of items from the sponsors. Babe also appeared in some commercials for these sponsors.





For a short time, Babe even had his very own candy bar called “Babe’s Home Run” bar. Kids could collect wrappers from these candy bars and send in for a special baseball. Here’s a picture of one of these wrappers:



Can you imagine collecting these wrappers and getting a baseball from the Babe? There were lots of things given away. Some were small games such as “Ask Me – The Game of Baseball Facts”:



Others were small books about baseball, including these pamphlets given away by Quaker Oats:



As you can imagine, kids back in Babe’s day really liked saving these items. They were special treasures. Today, you can sometimes find these in antique stores and at flea markets. People like to collect them. What things do you like to collect?

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