For Kids


For Kids

Babe said this all the time. Okay, maybe it wasn’t proper English, but his feelings came out loud and clear. Babe loved kids – kids of all kinds. He could be found playing sandlot ball with kids all over the country, when he wasn’t playing in a big game at a big stadium, belting out homeruns. He was always glad to sign autographs, take pictures with children, or, just act like a clown and fool around, just to make a kid happy.

In this special section of BRC – the Kids’ Clubhouse, we’ll talk a little more about Babe’s life as a kid and how he got the nickname, “Babe”. Plus, we’ll give you a look at some other interesting things about the Babe and his life – just for his newest and youngest fans.

So, thanks for joining us in the Clubhouse. Created just for you!

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