The Babe and Kids Today

The Babe & Kids Today

The Babe still has a big effect on people and kids – even today! A lot of kids today have heroes, just like kids did when Babe was playing baseball. And, many kids today have Babe Ruth as their hero, just like kids did back in Babe’s time. And, there are good reasons for kids to admire the Babe today. Some of the reasons include his kindness and generosity to kids, his value of education and learning and, last but not least, his athletic abilities, competitiveness, determination and sense of fair play.

These points could be some of the reasons that the Babe is sometimes featured in stories and movies even today. In fact, early in the Fall of 2006, there was an animated kids’ movie that came out called “Everyone’s Hero”. This movie was the story of a boy, Yankee Irving, in the 1930’s whose father was clubhouse manager for the New York Yankees baseball club. When Babe Ruth’s bat is stolen, Yankee’s father gets a bad reputation as clubhouse manager. So, Yankee, his friend, Marti, and talking baseball named Screwie go off on a thousand-mile journey in search of Babe’s bat, so that he can get his father’s good reputation back and save his job. During his journey, Yankee, through the help of his sidekicks, Marti, Screwie and Darlin’ (Babe’s talking bat), learns self-confidence and determination, much like Babe did while he was a young ballplayer. By the end of the movie, Yankee got the bat back just in time for Babe to hit homeruns with it in the 1932 World Series!

If you’re interested in seeing the original preview to Everyone’s Hero, check it here:

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