Julia Ruth Stevens

Julia was born in 1917 in Athens, GA. She is the last-surviving daughter of Babe Ruth. Julia and her mother, Clara Mae Hodgson, moved to New York in 1918, where Claire began a modeling and dancing career. In 1922, Claire and Babe became acquainted and started a long friendship and courtship. Ruth and Claire married in 1929 and, soon after, Babe adopted Julia. Julia is an avid baseball fan and spends her time between Arizona and New Hampshire. When she’s able, she always tries to make an appearance at a ballpark or event on behalf of her “Daddy”. Most recently, she was in Phoenix to help promote Rob Fitts’ new book, “Banzai Babe Ruth.”




Julia discusses Babe’s childhood and family.

Julia talks about how generous Babe was with others.

Julia talks about how Babe Ruth got his nickname.

Julia talks about Babe’s fondness for Brother Mathias at St. Mary’s Industrial School, where Babe grew up.

Julia talks about some of details of her trip around the world that she took with Babe Ruth and Claire during the 1934 barnstorming baseball tour of Asia.

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