About BRC

About BRC

BabeRuthCentral.com is an informational website that offers a comprehensive, yet somewhat different, look at the life, career, stories and impact of Babe Ruth. The website contains exclusive content and contributions from other ballplayers and acquaintances from Babe Ruth’s time; perspectives from famous players that followed the Babe; as well as contributions from current day baseball players, commentators, reporters, authors, experts and other notable personalities.

This website also includes content, including photos and mementos from the Families of Babe Ruth, the Estate of Babe Ruth, the Babe Ruth Museum and other entities with permission. BabeRuthCentral.com also includes links to shopping opportunities and third party websites.

All use of Babe Ruth images and trademarks are with permission from the Estate of Babe Ruth and its representative, the Luminary Group.

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