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There are certain individuals that leave a mark in history; not only for the things that they do, but for the people that they are. There’s no question, Babe Ruth fit this category. In experiencing and appreciating everything life had to offer, he also became a larger-than-life character. A lot of his fans loved him for the ballplayer that he was, but a lot of them loved him for the person that he was as well.

BRC has talked to a number of people that either knew the Babe; regularly interacted with him; or, had some connection to the Babe, either during his baseball career or afterward. Almost every one of these people had a similar response regarding Babe as a person: “He was a likable guy”; or, “Everybody liked him.”

There are many reasons for this response now, as there were when Babe was alive. Babe’s athletic prowess and fun-loving personality came at the perfect time – the Roaring 20’s. And, his on-field feats were so far and above the other athletes of the time that people were bound to notice.

Through his athletic accomplishments, natural charm, affection for people and exuberance for life, Babe managed to capture the love and appreciation of so many people across the country and the world. The public and the press watched what he did and said, unlike any other person at the time. Essentially, Babe truly became a “superstar”.

What’s also interesting to note is that he still seems to have that status and effect on people today — nearly 60 years after his passing.

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