Michael Gibbons

Mike Gibbons has been the Executive Director of the Babe Ruth Birthplace & Museum in Baltimore, MD since 1983. In the early 1980’s, the building that housed the Babe Ruth Museum (which was the building in which Babe was born) was fighting demolition, when Gibbons, originally a historian and documentary producer, agreed to become involved in turning the Babe Ruth Museum around. What was supposed to be a temporary position, has now turned into a 23-year career that includes directing a nearby sister museum, Sports Legends at Camden Station, which houses the Orioles Hall of Fame, the Maryland Collegiate Hall of Fame, the Johnny Unitas collection and other collections & memorabilia from Maryland sports.




Mike talks about how he became such a big baseball fan.

Mike talks about some of his other favorite baseball players.

Mike recalls a child baseball experience related to the Babe.

Gibbons talks about how he became Executive Director of the Babe Ruth Museum.

Mike discusses Babe’s iconic status in America.

Mike responds to the question of, “Who compares to the Babe?”

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