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This site has been developed in cooperation with CMG Worldwide, The Babe Ruth League, The Babe Ruth Museum and the Families of Babe Ruth. We thank the following people for their support and assistance.

Donna Analovitch – Representative, Families of Babe Ruth
Pete Enfield – President, The Luminary Group
Mike Gibbons – Executive Director, Babe Ruth Museum
Rosemary Schoellkopf – Executive Vice President & CFO, Babe Ruth League, Inc.
Julia Ruth Stevens – Babe’s daughter
Tom Stevens – Representative, Families of Babe Ruth
Steven Tellefsen – President, Babe Ruth League, Inc.

In addition, four people have been instrumental with this site and we wish to thank them here:

Justin Isbell – Technology & Infrastructure
Lee Summers – Site Design & Graphics
Ryan Sweeter – Site Design & Graphics
Nicole DiCiccio – Research & Bulletin Board Moderation

We also thank all of our site contributors and interviewees. All of these people are the bedrock of this website:

Dave Anderson, Marty Appel, Eldon Auker, Bob Creamer, Natalie Datlof, Tom Derry, Charles Donovan, Bob Feller, Leon Finchman, Bill Gallo, Ernie Harwell, Betty Hoyt, The Honorable Ambassador Kato, Abel Kessler, Leigh Montville, Dan Shaughnessy, Tom Stanton, Brian Sullivan, George Vecsey, Bill Werber

Lastly, we would like to acknowledge a number of friends and colleagues for their support & assistance:

John Bagazinski, Hiroshi Furusawa, Spencer Lader, David Maki, Christine Meyer, Marie Stevens, Charles Mandel, Bert Padell, Debra Schmidt


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