Waite Hoyt

Hall of Fame pitcher Waite Hoyt, was a team mate of Babe’s on both the Boston Red Sox, as well as the Yankees, during one of their most successful decades. By the time Waite retired in 1938, he had played on 7 pennant-winning teams (6 with the Yankees and 1 with the Philadelphia Athletics) and had the record for the most wins in World Series history (6).

In Hoyt’s retirement, he initially became a broadcaster for the Brooklyn Dodgers. After 2 years he moved on to announcing for the Cincinnati Reds where he remained for 24 years. As a broadcaster, Waite had a strong following from Cincinatti fans. He was also well-recognized for his stories during rain delays. Many of these stories were recorded and packaged on two vinyl albums — “The Best of Waite Hoyt in the Rain” and “The Best of Waite Hoyt in the Rain, Volume 2.”

Volume 2 comprises a number of stories and anecdotes from Waite, all of which focus on the Babe. As Mrs. Betty Hoyt, widow of the former Yankee pitching star, mentioned in her interview with BRC, Babe Ruth was always one of Waite’s favorite topics of conversation. Listen to Betty’s interview here.

Mrs. Hoyt generously gave BRC the original vinyl album, as well as the permission to use the recordings for educational purposes. BRC has had Volume 2 digitized and we are happy to present many audio clips from it to Babe Ruth fans.

Listen below for a lot of great stories from the Babe, coming from one of the people that knew him best – Waite Hoyt.

Babe’s encounter with a fan at a gas station.

Ruth definitely wasn’t good with names. Here’s some humorous stories of how Babe forgot the names of some notable figures.

Waite recounts the story of when Babe meets Herbert Hoover.

A sample of Babe’s ability to put on a show.

Babe ensures that the Yankees catch their train home for the next day’s homegame.

The story of a fine Babe was supposed to receive more missing batting practice.

Waite share a story of one of the longest homeruns he ever saw Babe hit.

Waite shares his thoughts on whether Babe pointed in his famous 1932 World Series homerun.

Waite talks about Babe’s ability to inspire others.

Hoyt shares a second-hand story of Babe and the local kids in San Francisco.

Waite talks about Babe’s ability to please his fans and teammates.

Hoyt discusses a big turning point in Babe’s baseball career.

Waite summarizes his thoughts on the Babe as a person.

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