From a Fan: Newspaper Clippings – Babe Ruth in Hot Springs, AR

As we’re learning from reading Bill Jenkinson’s latest book, “Babe Ruth: Against All Odds, World’s Mightiest Slugger”, Hot Springs, Arkansas has a significant place in baseball and specifically, Babe Ruth, history.   We’ll get into more detail at a later time about Hot Springs’ role in baseball history, but for now, it’s important to note that Babe Ruth hit one of his longest home runs (over 500 feet) during spring training with the Red Sox in 1918.  Lambert from Hot Springs recently passed along a few newspaper clippings capturing a couple moments from Babe’s time in Hot Springs to share with other fans.  One is of the Babe playing golf while at spring training with the Yankees in 1922 and the other is from the same time period when Babe hit his monstrous 500+ ft home run (click on the pics to expand):

Babe Ruth Pic Golfing Hot Springs

Caption: Babe Ruth snapped after making a healthy swing on the links at Hot Springs, Ark where he is training with the Yanks for the approaching baseball season (1922)


Babe Ruth Red Sox Hot Springs Cartoon

Babe Ruth Red Sox Hot Springs Cartoon

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