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Babe Ruth Personal Collection To Be Offered At Historic Live Auction In Yankee Stadium

(Hunt Auctions Press Release-5/8/19) Items from the personal collection of New York Yankees icon and Hall of Fame member Babe Ruth to be offered directly from the Ruth family Hunt Auctions is honored to announce a highly significant offering of historic baseball artifacts and personal materials from […]

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Babe Ruth Day – April 27th, 1947

April 27th, 1947 – at Baseball Commissioner Happy Chandler’s request, the New York Yankees hosted “Babe Ruth Day”, a national event to honor the baseball legend who was suffering the debilitating effects of nasopharyngeal cancer. He was greeted by 58,339 fans that day in the “House That […]

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Contribution from Baseball historians Bill Jenkinson and Tim Reid Plant Field, Tampa, Florida – April 4, 1919 As we progress through the next sixteen years, we will live through numerous 100th anniversaries for the amazing accomplishments of the one and only Babe Ruth. After a while, it […]

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Newest Commercials Featuring Babe Ruth (Spring 2019)

The past couple weeks have been busy for Baseball.  Great spring games, crazy contracts (Manny Machado – 10 yrs/$300 million, Bryce Harper – 13 yrs/$330 million and capped off by Mike Trout – 12 yrs/$430 million) and fans said farewell to one of the greatest to ever […]

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From a Babe Ruth Fan: “The Babe’s Shortcut”

We always appreciate learning new, interesting stories about Babe Ruth that we can share with other fans. It continues to impress us how much Babe had an impact, both around the country, as well as the world! This story comes via Tom Villante, who shared the story […]

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Babe Ruth’s Presidential Medal Freedom Presented to the Babe Ruth Museum

On November 16th 2018, Babe Ruth was post-humously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Trump. The Medal of Freedom is America’s highest civilian honor, and was created in 1963 by President John F. Kennedy. Babe’s grandson, Tom Stevens, was on hand with members of his […]

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Hot Springs: The Birthplace of Spring Training Baseball and the 500ft Home Run

Hot Springs: The Birthplace of Spring Training Baseball and the 500ft Home Run Recently, many of Babe’s descendants visited Hot Springs, Arkansas for a Baseball History event that had an emphasis on Ruth. Going into the weekend, I wasn’t fully aware of what Babe Ruth’s connection was […]

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From a BRC Fan: New Article on “Babe Ruth The Humanitarian”

From a BRC Fan:  New Article  on “Babe Ruth The Humanitarian” Recently, Will Michaels, who is an historian and writer as well as a fan of Babe Ruth Central, reached out to us to share the most recent article he wrote which was for the Northeast Journal. […]

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From a Fan: 1934 Ruth Japanese Tour Fan

Hey BRC Fans, This is one of the more interesting pieces of Babe Ruth memorabilia that we’ve come across.   We were made aware of this item by its owner, who resides in Germany.  It’s a fan that is signed by the 1934 baseball team that visited […]

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Baseball Hall of Fame Shares Babe Ruth Scrapbooks Online

Baseball Hall of Fame Shares Babe Ruth Scrapbooks Online Recently, the Baseball Hall of Fame made a great attempt to make more of their content accessible to baseball fans. The Hall of Fame has a ton of newspaper clippings on Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Jackie Robinson and […]

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