Baseball Hall of Fame Shares Babe Ruth Scrapbooks Online

Baseball Hall of Fame Shares Babe Ruth Scrapbooks Online

Recently, the Baseball Hall of Fame made a great attempt to make more of their content accessible to baseball fans. The Hall of Fame has a ton of newspaper clippings on Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Jackie Robinson and others that have been sitting in storage all these years and only made available to researchers by appointment only. The Hall has been busy digitizing selections from their collection in order to make them publicly available, starting with volumes and volumes of Babe Ruth’s scrapbooks. A lot of the material was originally gathered by Ruth’s agent, Christy Walsh. Each book contain game scores and articles – both sports related, as well as reflections of the Babe outside of baseball. For example, they also talk about Ruth’s stage performances in vaudeville shows and television programs. Another good opportunity for fans to learn more about the Babe and get a closer peak to Babe’s life on and off the field.

You can find Babe Ruth’s scrapbook content here:

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