From a Fan: Amazing Babe Ruth Bronze Art

Occasionally we hear from artists and art enthusiasts that are interested in sharing their Babe Ruth-related artwork with BRC and its fans. Recently, we connected with bronze sculptor, Bill Hunter, who has developed an impressive piece of Babe Ruth bronze art:

Babe Ruth Statue

Babe Ruth Statue


Close up of Babe Ruth’s expression after hitting a home run


Babe Ruth Bronze

Babe Ruth Bronze

Bill created a limited edition of 40 (plus the original artist’s proof) and they have been pretty popular items over the years. In fact, two are owned by owners of MLB teams. At this point, only 2 remain in his possession, one of which is the original artist proof.

Just as impressive as the art is the artist’s background story:

Bill, originally from the southwest, attended the University of Colorado with a Aeronautical Engineering degree and a full Navy Scholarship. After graduating, he went on to the U.S. Navy as a Command duty officer and head of the Engineering Department on the Destroyer, U.S.S. Hollister. After receiving an early promotion, he considered his career options and chose to pursue his education and enter into the Space Race. Beginning as a project engineer on the Titan rocket engines he went on to head several Space Programs including all Manned Maneuverable Spacecraft Planning for the Air Force and new a new form of rocket propulsion that he took through design, development and into space operations. After supporting multiple successful aerospace programs, Bill left the industry to ultimately start eight different businesses over the course of his career with a focus on construction, service, manufacturing, consulting, and Christian Ministry.

Bill’s inventions span Aerospace, Ship Building, Automotive, Communications, and Energy industries. He has managed and directed Army, Navy, Air Force, NASA and Department of Energy programs. Bill also enjoys flying as a private pilot, sculpting in bronze, carving in wood and painting. His bronzes have appeared in The White House, Oval Office, Arizona State Capitol, Presidential Libraries, National Museums, The Pentagon and are among various collectors. Wow!

And now, Bill is interested in partnering with Babe Ruth Central to offer his final pieces of amazing Babe Ruth bronze art to two lucky Babe Ruth fans. If you’re interested in purchasing one of these great pieces of art, visit the BRGoods store for more details and pricing.

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