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Newest Commercials Featuring Babe Ruth (Spring 2019)

The past couple weeks have been busy for Baseball.  Great spring games, crazy contracts (Manny Machado – 10 yrs/$300 million, Bryce Harper – 13 yrs/$330 million and capped off by Mike Trout – 12 yrs/$430 million) and fans said farewell to one of the greatest to ever […]

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Famous Sandlot Babe Ruth Scene Reenacted by the Yankees

Famous Sandlot Babe Ruth Scene Reenacted by the Yankees The below is a reenactment of a classic clip from a classic baseball movie, “The Sandlot”.  It’s the scene where the kids discover that their friend Smalls lost a ball signed by Babe Ruth to the “monster dog” […]

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Jeter’s Fitting Farewell

As the last days count down for Derek Jeter’s final season, it seems that he is still adding more reasons for all baseball fans (especially Yankees) to appreciate and respect him. In his final home game last night, Jeter had the chance to save the day against […]

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Ruth’s First and Last Yankees Contracts Up For Sale

Babe Ruth’s first and last contracts with the New York Yankees are heading to auction. Goldin Auctions has included the items as a part of their October Legends Auction which starts on October 6th. Babe’s first contract with the Yankees actually occurred in 1922 with an annual […]

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A Pivotal Day in Babe Ruth, Yankee and Baseball History

On January 3rd, 1920, Red Sox owner Harry Frazee sold Babe Ruth to Colonel Ruppert and the NY Yankees for $125,000 cash and a $350,000 loan. This deal, which much later came to be known as the “Curse of the Bambino”, changed the fate of the Yankees. […]

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