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Babe Ruth Look-Alike Contest – Followup

A few weeks back we notified all Babe Ruth fans and those that resemble the Babe to make their way to Gallaghers steakhouse restaurant in New York City.   This week they celebrated their 85th year in business, which also happens to be the 85th anniversary of Babe’s 60 home run season, with a […]

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Babe Ruth 1927 New York Yankees Payroll Check

Our auction partner was recently approached to sell an historically significant piece of Babe Ruth memorabilia.   This payroll check (pictures below) was Babe Ruth’s first of the 1927 season. It compensated him $7,687.78 for his initial two-and-a-half weeks (“Salary Apr. 12th — 30th”), which included 15 games against the […]

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Julia Ruth Stevens visiting Babe Ruth Museum

Quick Update:  For anyone that plans to be in Baltimore and would be interested in meeting Babe’s daughter, Julia Ruth Stevens, she will actually be making an appearance at Sports Legends Museum at Camden Yards (301 West Camden Street, Baltimore), not the Babe Ruth Museum.   Still scheduled […]

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Babe Ruth Look-Alike Contest

Do you look like Babe Ruth and live in the New York City area?  If so, you may want to venture down to Gallagher’s Steak House (228 West 52nd St) on September 24th.    Gallagher’s is celebrating it’s 85th year in business.   Avid Ruth fans would also a key anniversary […]

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