Julia Ruth Stevens visiting Babe Ruth Museum

Quick Update:  For anyone that plans to be in Baltimore and would be interested in meeting Babe’s daughter, Julia Ruth Stevens, she will actually be making an appearance at Sports Legends Museum at Camden Yards (301 West Camden Street, Baltimore), not the Babe Ruth Museum.   Still scheduled to appear at 2:30.  

For any Babe Ruth fans that either live or will be visiting the Baltimore area over the weekend, be sure to check out the Babe Ruth Museum.   96-year old Julia Ruth Stevens, Babe Ruth’s daughter, will be on-hand at the Babe Ruth Museum the afternoon of September 8th, answering some more personal questions about the family and “Daddy” as she still affectionately calls him.   This could possibly her final visit to the Museum so make sure you say hello if you’re in Baltimore!

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