Babe Ruth Look-Alike Contest – Followup

A few weeks back we notified all Babe Ruth fans and those that resemble the Babe to make their way to Gallaghers steakhouse restaurant in New York City.   This week they celebrated their 85th year in business, which also happens to be the 85th anniversary of Babe’s 60 home run season, with a Babe Ruth look-alike contest.   The winner was Willis “Buster” Gardner of Oberlin, OH, who at 75 is a part time tow truck operator and auto mechanic.   Apparently, Buster has some Babe Ruth look-alike credits on his resume already.   He played an extra in the 1991 TV movie “The Babe Ruth Story” featuring Stephen Lang (if you haven’t seen it, it was a decent portrayal of the Babe).  In addition, he’s made multiple appearances at the Hall of Fame as the Babe.   Congrats Buster! 

Thanks to John Cirillo, we have a picture of Babe in uniform.  What do you think?

babe ruth look alike

Babe Ruth Lookalike (provided by John Cirillo)




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