Babe Ruth Action Figures Can Be Big Money Too

BRC recently discovered that there is a rare action figure of the Babe, created by master action figure/figurine creator and avid baseball fan Todd MacFarlane.  The figure is part of the MacFarlane Toys “Sports Picks” line.  Normally sold at a retail price of $19.95, this particular version of the toy (see a pic below) is unique due to the color of Babe’s hat (blue instead of black).   Apparently, MacFarlane only produced 5 copies of this particular version, two of which ended up in MacFarlane’s personal toy collection and three that were mixed into distribution with the other black-hatted versions of the Babe.  In 2009, one of the blue-hatted Babe’s showed up for auction on eBay and sold for $13,600, making it one of the most expensive of all action figures!

Babe Ruth Action Figure