Babe Playing in Today’s Game

What would Babe think if he lived amongst us today in the world of fast cars, Tivo, the internet, and cell phones? As a boy who grew up with nothing, we know he would love it all. The more the merrier. The bigger, the better. We’ll keep it to homeruns in today’s baseball. I believe Babe would get a kick out of everyone measuring up against him. In all these years, his star has not diminished at all. It probably shines brighter as the myth and legend grows as each decade passes. In 1999, he was named to the All Century and just this year he was named the Yankees Hometown Hero. It wasn’t even a fair contest because how could you not pick him? It was more like don’t bother even nominating anyone else. He is still the only player to have his own room in the Hall of Fame – as it should be. Just because when you think baseball, you think Babe Ruth.I’m taking steroids out of it for now, but I think Babe would embrace the players that have broken his records. One because he knows he hasn’t ever been forgotten and two because he knows that it is work and a feat to be proud of. With every ball that leaves the park, that is a young fan who wants to come back for more. Wouldn’t Babe want a chance to face the lower pitching mounds, the diminished quality of pitching, no more spit balls, the tighter baseballs, the thinner bats… Babe would still conquer today’s game. He probably wouldn’t be using that 48 ounce bat – when you picture Babe playing today – he would have his talent using today’s tools and elements.Imagine Ryan Howard or Albert Pujols hitting behind Babe Ruth? 1927 Murderer’s Row, look out. Have fun with this one putting Babe in different team’s lineups of today. Could Babe have helped the 2006 Yanks beat the Tigers? Could Babe have helped the Mets when their bats went cold? Babe probably could have put taken a ball and went out and pitched for Steve Trachsel of Jaret Wright and done a much better job.

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