From a Young Fan: Babe Ruth Report and His New Babe Ruth Inspirations Shirt

Fan displays his Babe Ruth report and Inspirations Tshirt

Young fan displays his Babe Ruth report and new Babe Ruth Inspirations Tshirt, “It’s hard to beat a person who Never Gives Up.”

Recently, proud mom Angela reached out to us to share her son Andrew’s report for school, titled “George (Babe) Ruth-The Best Baseball Player of All Time”, as well as his new Babe Ruth Inspirations Tshirt from BRC that got him extra credit!

From Angela, “It was great! He even got extra points for having the T-shirt. Andrew’s school is K-12 and the quote on Andrew’s T-Shirt made it on the announcement board this week! Thanks again so much for your help and your GREAT Website!!!” We’ve included a portion of his report below for other young fans to read and enjoy. Thanks for sharing Angela and Andrew and thanks for being fans of the Babe!

George (Babe) Ruth: The Best Baseball Player of All Time


…Regardless of his childhood, George had some good influences in his life. George met Brother Matthias at St. Mary’s school. It was Brother Matthias’ positive influence that first encouraged George to play baseball. After he taught George baseball, George played it 24/7. He played in more than 200 games in one season at Saint Mary’s.
Jack Dunn was also a great influence on George’s life. Jack was the one responsible for recruiting George to the Minor League. Jack also made a nickname for George, it was Baby. Baby’s teammates just called him Babe Ruth. Jack also helped Babe develop good skills for hitting and for pitching.

Babe wanted to have a better family life when he had his own family. Babe Ruth’s first wife was Helen. He met her at Landers’ Coffee Shop in Boston, she was a waitress. After they were married in 1914, they lived with the Ruth family. When Babe’s career began to grow his salary grew also, in 1919 he was making $10,000 per year. He and Helen bought a home in Boston. Babe and Helen adopted Dorothy in 1921. Helen later died in a fire.

Later in life, Babe met Claire, she was an actress. They were married in 1929. Their wedding was the day before the game against the Boston Red Sox at Yankee Stadium. Babe hit a home run in his first at bat and said it was his wedding present to Claire. In 1930, Babe adopted Claire’s daughter Julia and Claire adopted Dorothy.
When Babe was young he developed a love for riding his bike. Later in life, Babe still was peddling everywhere in the town one time he even ran into Jack Dunn. Babe tried to pull the breaks and make his bike stop, but he went over the handle bars. His old coach yelled at him.

Babe was voted the best player of all time. He won with 99% of the votes. One reason he won was because he had 700 homers during his baseball career. He also played great baseball defense. Babe was used as a pitcher sometimes. Babe also won the athlete of the century award.

Babe is known not only for baseball but for many strong character traits. Babe’s charisma changed the way the game was played. His charisma made him larger than life to his fans. Attendance records were set because of Babe’s popularity. His fans followed him when he joined the New York Yankees in 1920. He helped make the New York Yankees the most successful baseball team. Today, the Yankees have won 27 World Series.

Babe Ruth loved to entertain and for that reason he was on a lot of shows and radio stations. He was on NBC two times a week. He was on a lot of stations on the radio. He also made his own quiz show. He was in the movies Speedy, Head’n Home, and The Pride of the Yankees.

Later in life the legend of Babe and his accomplishments gave many contributions to society. Babe had his own baseball league for teenage kids. Today it is called the Babe Ruth League. This league is played all around the world. There are a lot of games and tournaments which keep kids busy.
Babe still played awesome while the economy was bad. He gave people something to look forward to during the 1920’s stock market crash. He was getting the most money of any person at that time. Babe became a larger than life figure during the “Roaring Twenties.”

Babe saved baseball from the Black Sox Scandal. The Black Sox Scandal happened in 1919 when 8 players from the Chicago White Sox were banned for life from baseball for purposefully losing games, so the Cincinnati Reds could win the World Series. His swing gave fans something to cheer for. Because of Babes homeruns it gave fans something to watch and they forgot about the Scandal. Even though baseball fans were really upset about the Black Sox Scandal, Babe kept the excitement for baseball alive.

Babe’s list of honors continues to be talked about even today. Babe retired in 1935 and in 1936 he was one of the first 5 people to be elected into the Hall Of fame with most of the votes. His picture still remains in the Hall of Fame today. It is located in Cooperstown, NY.

Babe was the best player ever. He won the Best Player award with ninety nine percent of the votes. Now he is still considered the best baseball player ever. People around the world were cheering for the Babe. People in different countries were writing books about Babe Ruth.

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