Personal Babe Ruth Story From a Fan

This anecdote of the Babe came in from BRC fan, William:

A young lad named Henry was standing outside of Briggs stadium, in Detroit, and the Yankees were in town. The game had finished and young Henry along with another boy were standing at the fence that surrounds the stadium player entrance. They often would do that to catch a glimpse of their favorite players.
On this day, out came Babe Ruth, who immediately seen the two boys standing at the fence. He asked them, “did you see the game”? When they shook their heads no, Babe escorted them into the stadium and onto the playing field, then walked them all around the outfield grass.

Young Henry would later tell his son Michael, it was one of his best childhood memories.

I do believe that Henry is still with us, and the story would even be grander, coming from him. I recently was told this story by Henry’s son, Michael, and the story was just so heart warming, I had to pass this on.

Babe Ruth, what a great ballplayer, but a better person.


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