MLB Post Season is Back! And, Today’s Babe Ruth Trivia Stat

MLB Post Season is Back!  And, Today’s Babe Ruth Trivia Stat

Hey baseball fans, are you as excited about the post-season as we are?  Particular congrats to the Pirates, who are in their first post-season race since 1992!

In recognition of the Red Sox’s appearance, are Babe Ruth trivia stat comes from his time with the team.

This season, infielder Mike Napoli had 3 grand slams.  As impressive as that may be, he doesn’t hold the record for Sox.  That’s right – Babe Ruth  does.

In 1919, Babe Ruth began to transition to more of a full-time hitter and started to show the baseball nation exactly what he was capable of.   It was this year that Ruth hit 4 grand slams.

94 years later and Ruth still holds team and League records!

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