Hall of Famer Earl Weaver Passes

Baseball lost one of its best and most colorful managers today. Earl Weaver, a St. Louis native who managed the Baltimore Orioles for his entire professional career (1968-1982; 1985-1986), has passed away at the age of 82. He managed a total 2,540 games and won 1480 of them (.583 Winning Pct) and led the Orioles to one championship in 1970. He was a leader in leveraging baseball statistics to determine good matchups for his hitters in pitchers in upcoming matchups and one-off appearances. The fiery manager was also known for his temper, having been ejected an AL record 94 times. As Weaver once said, “The job of arguing with the umpire belongs to the manager, because it won’t hurt the team if he gets thrown out of the game.” He was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1996 by the Veterans Committee. May the “Earl of Baltimore” rest in peace.

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