This Day in Babe Ruth History: May 25th (1935)

In 1935, Babe signed with the Boston Braves – hired not only as a player, but also as vice president and assistant manager. Braves owner, Emil Fuchs, had promised Babe part of the team’s profits, as well as a chance to be manager one day – a position that Babe had always hoped for. Within a couple of months, however, Ruth realized that he wouldn’t be getting any profits and that he was being leveraged more for his promotional capabilities versus his potential abilities as a manager. Babe originally considered retiring on May 12th; however, Fuchs asked Ruth to hang on until at least visiting each National League park. On May 25th, Ruth hit his last home run against the Pittsburgh Pirates at Forbes Field. That day would end up being one of the more memorable moments of his career. Aging and in poor condition, Ruth went 4 for 4 and clouted 3 home runs that day. Ruth retired a week later on June 1st and Emil Fuchs lost control of the team shortly thereafter.

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