Babe Ruth Sets New Record: $4,415,658

A couple weeks back, BRC wrote an article about the auctioning of the oldest known uniform of Babe Ruth – a 1920 game-worn Yankees road jersey. People speculated that the final price for this item could beat the record for the most paid for a piece of baseball memorabilia ($3.05 million for Mark McGwire’s 70th home run ball from 1998). Not only did it beat that price, it also just surpassed the most ever paid for any sports memorabilia. The previous record holder was a 2 page typewritten set of rules for the game of basketball, written by basketball founder, James Naismith. The item, with buyer’s premium went for $4,338,500. With the close of Sports Cards Plus most recent auction, it appears that Babe Ruth has a new record – $4,415,658. Babe Ruth is still setting records!

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