Babe Ruth Inspirations: “Every Strike Brings Me Closer to My Next Home Run”

In addition to being famous for his amazing home run and baseball playing abilities, Babe Ruth is also recognized for saying some well-known, motivational quotes, including: “Every Strike Brings Me Closer to My Next Home Run”.

We are happy to offer the Babe Ruth Inspirations Tshirt line, which captures this famous quote on the front of the shirt. On the back is a large reproduction of an autographed photo of the Babe, inscribed “Sincerely, Babe Ruth”, which is a part of the Ruth Family Collection to this day. On the right sleeve is authentic Babe Ruth Inspirations logo, indicating that this t-shirt is officially-licensed by the Babe Ruth Estate. Get your own Babe Ruth Inspirations Shirt today at our ecommerce store,

Babe Ruth Inspirations: "Every Strike"

Babe Ruth Inspirations Tshirt: “Every Strike Brings Me Closer To My Next Home Run”


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