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Legendary Babe Ruth/Johnny Sylvester Story Now a Successful Documentary

As mentioned in the Legends section of Babe Ruth Central , the story of Babe Ruth’s impact on Johnny Sylvester is an amazing one. It demonstrates the power of inspiration – in this case its potential healing powers with a little boy, Johnny Sylvester. In the fall […]

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Babe Ruth Fan Featured in Detroit Free Press

One of BRC’s favorite Babe Ruth fans, Tom Derry, was featured in the Detroit Free Press this past Sunday, May 12th. We featured Tom in our Fan Stories section of the website, as he hosts an annual Babe Ruth Birthday Bash each February. That event is one […]

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Babe Ruth In a New Ad

65 years after his passing and Ruth is still showing up in Ads! Most recently, Jockey used Babe for their newest commercial (you can see him at the 9 second mark in the below video). Jockey’s positioning of Babe as the “man’s man” from the past, supports […]

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This Day in Babe Ruth History: May 6th

On May 6th, 1917, 21-year old pitcher Babe Ruth of the Boston Red Sox out-dueled pitching legend, Walter Johnson of the Washington Senators. The final score was 1-0 in favor of the Sox, with Babe driving in the only run. Over the course of their pitching match-ups, […]

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Personal Babe Ruth Story From a Fan

This anecdote of the Babe came in from BRC fan, William: A young lad named Henry was standing outside of Briggs stadium, in Detroit, and the Yankees were in town. The game had finished and young Henry along with another boy were standing at the fence that […]

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