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A few months ago, we received an inquiry regarding a special holiday card that a fan had in his possession. Tis’ the season, so we thought we’d share with our BRC friends. The image below is of a holiday greeting card with Babe in golf attire, sitting with some golfing buddies. The original owner of the holiday card was the fan’s father, who was a member of the Yankees farm league organization. At the fan’s request, we wanted to try and figure out who the other gentlemen were in the picture. Our only guess thus far is that it could be a picture taken in Hawaii in 1934 with Duke Kahanamoku (possibly the gentleman on the far right). Kahanamoku was a famous swimmer and surfer and the first person to be elected into both the Surfing and Swimming Halls of Fame. Below is a confirmed picture of Kahanamoku with Babe Ruth in 1934, at the start of Ruth’s world tour to Japan. Have a look below at the two photos below and share your thoughts. Could they be one and the same? Or, has anyone else come across this photo before and have more background?

Babe Ruth Holiday Greeting Card

Babe Ruth Holiday Greeting Card

Here’s the confirmed photo of Babe with Duke Kahanamoku:

Babe Ruth with Duke Kahanamoku.  Credit

Babe Ruth with Duke Kahanamoku. Credit

What do you think fans, could this be in Hawaii during the same trip?

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