The Next Big Babe Ruth Auction Item

A couple months ago, Babe Ruth Central blogged about the new record holder for a sports memorabilia auction item – a circa 1920 Babe Ruth Yankees road jersey that went for $4.4 million. The auction company was Sports Cards Plus and they’ve recently unveiled their next big Babe Ruth piece – a circa 1922 New York Yankees team sweater.   See pictures of the sweataer in the below gallery

Where did the sweater come from?  Well, it appears that the sweater was gifted to a man by the name of William Christman of Gaithersburg, Maryland by a trainer of Babe Ruth in St. Louis during the early 1920s.  At the time Christman received the sweater from Ruth’s former trainer, he was a high school baseball star playing in the local Babe Ruth League in the St. Louis, MO area. Christman kept the sweater until 1969, when he presented it to a Gaithersburg restaurateur to be displayed in part to honor the death of Mr. Christman’s son in Vietnam.   A copy of the article is also included in the gallery.

Stay tuned for SCP’s Fall 2012 auction if you want to get in on the bidding action. And, if you plan to head to the 2012 National Sports Collectors Convention in Baltimore the piece will be on exhibit, so be sure to check it out!

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