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Babe Ruth Memorabilia In The News

A few new Babe Ruth-related memorabilia items that have made the news that BabeRuthCentral was interested in sharing with our fans: 1. John Lackey is clearly very attached to the number 41. After joining the St Louis Cardinals last month, Lackey gave teammate Pat Neshek an authenticated […]

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Babe Ruth’s First Yankee Stadium Home Run Ball Up For Auction

Goldin Auctions currently has an auction running with an interesting piece of Babe Ruth memorabilia. While most Yankees history buffs know, Babe Ruth was the first person to hit a home run in the original Yankee Stadium (“The House That Ruth Built”). It happened to be the […]

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From a Fan – Babe Ruth-signed Bowling Shoes

From a Fan – Babe Ruth-signed Bowling Shoes As advertised on our homepage, BRC offers memorabilia-selling services on behalf of BRC fans and owners of Babe Ruth or other baseball-related memorabilia.  Recently, a gentleman reached out to us with his special set of items.  Here’s his story: […]

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