Babe Ruth’s First Yankee Stadium Home Run Ball Up For Auction

Goldin Auctions currently has an auction running with an interesting piece of Babe Ruth memorabilia. While most Yankees history buffs know, Babe Ruth was the first person to hit a home run in the original Yankee Stadium (“The House That Ruth Built”). It happened to be the ballpark’s grand opening – April 18th, 1923. According to the owners of this recent item that is currently up for auction, Ruth actually hit his first home run at Yankee Stadium during a small promotions event at the field in February of that year. And, they have the ball and Ruth’s writing to prove it.

Babe Ruth First Yankee Stadium Home Run Ball - Courtesy of Goldin Auctions

Babe Ruth First Yankee Stadium Home Run Ball – Courtesy of Goldin Auctions

The ball is signed by Ruth with the caption, “The new Yankee field” and dated Feb. 14, 1923. That date coincides with a trip Babe made to the ballpark to check it out and talk a little with the press. According to an account from a News Day reporter, Ruth was in the batter’s box area hitting a few balls for the small set of spectators. It was supposed the first that Ruth signed, making it 2 months earlier then the well-know first home run hit on opening day.

Collector Joel Platt said he got the ball from the family of a person who worked on the field and kept it in his collection for decades before consigning it to Goldin Auctions, which is having a Babe Ruth-themed auction in July at the Babe Ruth Birthplace & Museum in Baltimore. This ball is available for bid until July 12th at Goldin’s website.

Here’s an ESPN video discussing the ball up for auction:

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