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“BABE RUTH AND THE ISSUE OF RACE” – by Baseball historian and author, Bill Jenkinson Having written a book about Babe Ruth in 2007, I receive many questions about the Bambino and his extraordinary life. One of the greatest areas of interest centers on how the Babe […]

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Wall Street Journal: Ruth The Greatest Yankee

In 2010, the Wall Street Journal did analysis based on a comprehensive set of criteria to determine which 10 Yankee position players were the greatest of all-time. The categories included postseason batting, fielding range, on-base plus slugging percentage and wins above replacement player. Also included was the […]

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Babe Ruth Sports Humanitarian Award Commemoration

In June of this year, Babe Ruth was inducted into the Sports Humanitarian Hall of Fame in Boise, Idaho. As part of the induction, a Babe Ruth video montage was created to commemorate Babe’s life and love of children. View the heartwarming video montage below:

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The Holy Grails Of Baseball Collecting

Forbes magazine recently did an “In Pictures” article on the top 10 holy grails of baseball collecting – the most valuable pieces of baseball memorabilia. Babe was tied to 4 of the 10 items, surprise, surprise! Click here to view the top 10. Do you have a […]

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Bill Jenkinson Speaks to Babe’s Humanity

In June of 2010, Babe Ruth was inducted into the World Sports Humanitarian Hall of Fame in Boise, ID.   On the night of the event, Babe Ruth was introduced by long-time Ruth and Baseball historian and author, Bill Jenkinson.  Bill was kind enough to share that speech […]

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BRC has made some great friends over the years of hosting One of those friends is Charles Poekel, author of “Babe & The Kid” the legendary, true story of Babe Ruth and his amazing impact on a sick boy by the name of Johnny Sylvester. Back […]

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Was Babe the Best Ballplayer Ever?

My mother who has just recently come to appreciate baseball told me a male co-worker said Willie Mays is the greatest ballplayer of all time. She countered with “my daughter always says Babe Ruth is”. She called me that night and asked me why Babe Ruth? “Simple,” […]

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Babe Playing in Today’s Game

What would Babe think if he lived amongst us today in the world of fast cars, Tivo, the internet, and cell phones? As a boy who grew up with nothing, we know he would love it all. The more the merrier. The bigger, the better. We’ll keep […]

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Babe Ruth Action Figures Can Be Big Money Too

BRC recently discovered that there is a rare action figure of the Babe, created by master action figure/figurine creator and avid baseball fan Todd MacFarlane.  The figure is part of the MacFarlane Toys “Sports Picks” line.  Normally sold at a retail price of $19.95, this particular version of […]

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Top 5 Babe Ruth Baseball Cards

Oct 12th, 2011 by admin The Top Five Babe Ruth Baseball Cards of All Time Contributed by Bob Bertrand, owner of The Cardboard Connection Babe Ruth. Few names in the history of sport, let alone baseball, are as synonymous with greatness. Fewer still, are the number of […]

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